A Walk Beyond The Realm by Steven Goldsborough

Annabell Church was a young small town school teacher until grief and the sound of footsteps lead her down a cobblestone path deep into the woods. Where the darkness of the forest consumes her. Now she finds herself not just far from home, but in a completely different realm of existence. The magic and mystery of the realms unfolds around her as she meets strange new friends, bizarre creatures, and even the enigmatic Guardian of the realm. Anna tries desperately to find her place in this strange new existence, while holding onto the hope that she may one day return home. But it soon becomes clear that not everything is as it seems, as ancient evils, generations old madness, and terrifying technologies descend upon them in ways that could have horrifying consequences not only for her, but for all of reality.

A Walk Beyond the Realm is a fast paced tale of heartbreaking loss, unexpected love, thrilling adventure, and unimaginable horror. Set in a hauntingly beautiful landscape of otherworldly myth, legend, and monsters. A story that will test the limits of the heart, and keep you guessing right up to the end.

A Walk Beyond The Realm by Steven Goldsborough is available at Amazon.com.