Necromantica by Keith Blenman

This is a love story, a war story, a tale of revenge, a horror-comedy plotted around a heist set in a battlefield. This is a ghost story with orcs and zombies where sound can kill, and the heroes delight in the massacre. This is a blood-soaked adventure set ablaze and strangled by its own viscera. This is a love story.

War and death have swept the Pure Nation of Fortia. What began as a skirmish on the outskirts of the kingdom spiraled out of control into a full scale orc invasion. With cities falling and countless lives lost, King Stolzel has rallied his remaining forces to gather in the holy city of Dromn; to make one final stand against their savage enemies. Among the soldiers and countless orc hordes, a thief and a necromancer arrive with plans of their own.

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