Bloodline by Dan Trumpis

Not many girls Sophie’ Holden’s age would be able to care for a little brother and a dying mother. It’s taken just about every bit of strength she has. Relief comes when a rich, distant relative named Nikolas Kesler, who wants to take Sophie and her family to his home in Harmony, a small town in Northern California, where he can care for them. It seems too good to be true. But what other choice do Sophie and her family have? They can no longer manage on their own. They have no choice but to accept Nikolas’ offer.  Once they do, and once they settle in Harmony, Sophie soon discovers Nikolas’ secret, along with those of her newfound friends, and the town itself.

Will these newfound revelations be too much for Sophie? Or will she be able to accept them and adapt to her new life?

Praise for Dan Trumpis’ Harmony series of books:

“Welcome to Harmony” ONEBOOKAZ Award Winner:
“The author skillfully writes this epic middle grade fantasy (PG) in a way that encourages teens to read.” – Cold Coffee Press 

“Gwen Gladstone”:
“An excellent read for any young paranormal teen fan.” – Renee Dalton, author of “Under the Fresh Turned Earth.”

About The Author

Dan Trumpis resides in Phoenix, AZ and teaches Language Arts at C.O. Greenfield. “Bloodline” is the third book in the author’s middle grade novel series that takes place in the town of Harmony.

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