Enlightenment Guaranteed: The Only Book on Zen You’ll Ever Need by Gary Cocciolillo

Everything you need to know about Zen is in this book… Meditation Techniques-How to live a Fearless life-Acceptance- Living in the present moment- Compassionate living-Zen Philosophy-History of Zen and Buddhism. This book is short and easy read. Yet, is a comprehensive guide to living an enlightened life. Click on Buy Now. You wont regret it. This book is fearless, bold and hilarious! You Will Learn: * The meaning of life * Why there is suffering * How to be liberated from suffering * Zen philosophy of Don’t know Mind and Beginners mind * The truth about impermanence and interdependence * Meditation practices that guarantee results * Emptiness explained with simple examples * Zen art and Zen poetry * How to live like a Zen Master * The Mystery of Koans revealed * How to live fearlessly Testimonials: “Enlightenment Guaranteed is an excellent introduction for anyone interested in learning how Buddhism pertains to life in the 21st century, amidst the hustle and bustle of 40- to 50-hour work weeks. Its gritty prose, humorous anecdotes, and unapologetic frankness make for a great Buddhist primer.” —Andre Doshim Halaw “Cocciolillo writes with a humorous, distinct, and authentic voice. There is no posing here. His compassion and simple desire to help others motivates and permeates the book. Is this the only book on Zen you’ll ever need? Well it’s at least a good start, because Cocciolillo focuses you on what matters: living. He doesn’t distract you with unnecessary or burdensome philosophy. What philosophy he does introduce is there just to help you maintain mindufulness as you go about the business of living. Reading this book, you will laugh, guaranteed.” —Johnson Miller About The Author: Reverend Gary P. Cocciolillo is an ordained Zen priest who believes that meditation practice is a miraculous way to develop a deeper understanding of “Mind” that can ultimately change the world we live in. His hope is that this short, and entertaining, book will help bring peace, hope, enlightenment, and – most importantly – laughter to everyone who reads it

Enlightenment Guaranteed: The Only Book on Zen You’ll Ever Need by Gary Cocciolillo is available at Amazon.com.