Presidential Souls by Lisa Moulden

Some people see auras and talk to ghosts, but can they also talk to your Soul? 
I can see auras, talk to ghosts, and I see the hat your Soul wears. 
I can connect to your Soul and I will identify your Celestial Hat. Your Hat tells me the true nature of your Soul. You cannot hide the truth from my Paranormal Psychological Analysis. You cannot lie. I will see your true nature, whether you like it or not.
I used the Paranormal Psychological Analysis method to analyze the Presidents of the United States. Their true natures were revealed, plus a whole lot more. The truth about their Souls is revealed for all to see. I will tell everyone who wants to hear about the past presidents, the living presidents, the presidential candidates and I’m currently working on an analysis of the first ladies.
Seeing auras and ghosts has become commonplace, but no one sees hats. I’ve communicated with Spirits, Guides and Angels my entire life – before it was fashionable. I’ve been a Reiki Master for a long time and prior to Presidential Souls, I was working on a book about another highly unique energy method that will revolutionize the way the spiritual community sees chakras. I had to postpone the chakra project when the former presidents interceded and insisted that I publish their book first. They wanted their messages to be heard before the 2016 presidential election.
The former United States Presidents are fired up and they demand to be heard! Their predictions for our country are dire, unless we follow their advice. Are you brave enough to discover what these men have to say?

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