Fifty Shades of Menopause: Cry, Laugh, Forget…You are not alone! by Mickey Harpaz EdDC

For over 29 years in private practice, Mickey Harpaz, EdDC has developed specialized health programs designed for his more than 11,000 patients, and several large organizations. A large percentage of his patients have been menopausal women.

Dr Harpaz has researched extensively into the subject of menopause, and has published more than 600 articles on this subject, possibly making him the most prolific writer on menopause.
Fifty Shades of Menopause has one purpose: Education for an easier and more bearable menopause journey, through targeting the triggers of menopause and their symptoms, and evaluating any possible treatments/remedies.

Fifty Shades of Menopause is a compilation of all the articles Dr Harpaz has written about menopause. It will answer all the questions you may have about it … including what you can expect to happen during each phase of menopause. It reviews all of the treatment options (hormonal and non-hormonal) available to you to relieve your symptoms.

What you, the reader, can expect:
Fifty Shades of Menopause’s information, conclusions, and recommendations deliver proven and excellent results for any woman who reads it…

As real world results from real people are powerful testimonials to Fifty Shades of Menopause’s success, so are its aftermaths benefits that readers can expect to experience.
Higher energy levels and lower levels of fatigue
Increased productivity across all facets of daily life
Better sleep
Increased mood stability
Decreased stress levels
Decreased depression levels
Increased self esteem
Decreased hot flashes frequency and severity
Increased Libido
Stopping and reversing menopausal weight gain

Lastly, this book’s principal aspiration is to help the female gender, which has no choice in the matter, but is brave enough and strong enough to face and confront the challenges of menopause.
For the women who march toward menopause, parade in it, or walk away from it…you all deserve positive insight, patience and compassion.

Dr Harpaz is also the author of the book Menopause Reset.

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