Jobs for Angels: Veterans’ Nightmare Realities by Blair London

Jobs for Angels:  Veterans’ Nightmare Realities is about veterans who have PTSD and the violence and multiple personalities they can have.

Young girls help war vets by being a friend, having coffee, and playing cards with them, through an organization called AVSA.  Ashley, an attractive blonde, falls in love with Trevor, a soldier.  After they are dating, we see he has crazy dreams like Ashley is an enemy.  Ashely meets her demise, as Trevor kills her in his sleep one night, thinking he was on the battle front.  After Ashley’s funeral, Trevor is seen with another “angel” on the job having coffee and playing cards with her.

Blair London is a Minnesota-based author, and admires the works of:  Justice Gray, Amanda Hocking, Stephen King, and E L James.

Jobs for Angels is the first Blair London book. Be sure to read:

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