Saturn’s Window by Q. J. Hicks

On August 21st, Saturn’s Window—a newly discovered astrological anomaly, occurring only once every 10 million years—will be witnessed for the first time by our civilization. On this day, a rare planetary alignment will cause photons in its path to bend, magnifying the image of Saturn as a large projection against Earth’s atmosphere. This anomaly will result in a window of opportunity for the world to see Saturn in a way that no one has ever seen it before.

The discovery of this anomaly, by physicist Carl Kirchart, perturbs him to the point of questioning his faith in science and the nature of reality, so much so that he relieves himself of the title, “scientist.” 20-year-old musician Cora Cadence believes she has found a deeper reason behind the anomaly and is convinced that it has everything to do with Dorian Phoenix, a former college classmate. Cora and Dorian’s pursuit of answers and intrigue in each other ultimately leads them to even greater questions.

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