Thirsty For Health by Andreas Michaelides

A truly eye opening book that should and will make your question yourself and everything you have done so far diet and lifestyle wise.

Obesity, caffeine and junk food addiction, smoking and digestive problems? This is the place you can start answering your most asked questions. A book you wish you had found earlier, an amazing story that had to be told in order to help others not to go through the same misery. In these pages you will learn how to regain control over your life, how to find strength from within in order to go through life’s numerous challenges, successfully overcome addictions and finally tune in to genuine health and happiness.

You are the alchemist, the architect of your life and no one else but you have the power to make the change. Be the change that you want to see in the world. You can start now and this book will help you do that and more and you will also learn how to live long and live well.

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