Across the Realm by Isobel Mitton

Across the Realm is a scifi/ fantasy novel set over 600 years in the future. The author imagined an earth physically torn into two huge continents on opposite sides, the North and the South. Between the two continents is water. The waters’ temperatures are temperate in the North but boiling hot in the South. When the tectonic plates moved to create these two landmasses, the Southern part of earth changed completely in every way and therefore, the humans in the South had to evolve to make up for their changed environment. The North still has people like us because besides the movement of tectonic plates, everything else pretty much stayed the same. Unfortunately the two sides are at war as they try to control Earth’s destiny.
In all the chaos of death and destruction, a soldier from the South, Naledi, meets a soldier from the North, Colonel Greg Douglas in battle. Over a course of time, their antagonism turns into love. The story basically weaves around the two.

Across the Realm by Isobel Mitton is available online.