When I Wake Up by Ana Paula Macedo

When I wake up is an incredibly readable and rich tapestry about a young beautiful lady, Sophia. In order To escape from her pain and emptiness of her soul, Sophia, a Brazilian immigrant in the United States, daydreamed, building a world of make believe.

In the midst of her anguish and despair, she received a phone call from her former teacher, her unrequited love’s mother, Nancy, offering her fifteen thousand US dollars for her to marry him. Roy had been arrested by immigration and a marriage would be enough to get him out of it. This marriage, like everything else in Sophia’s life, was fictitious, but she saw an opportunity for happiness and a chance to win Roy’s heart.

The book shows a time in Sophia’s life that she was in a pit so dark, cold and lonely that she just couldn’t see her way out.

When I Wake Up is a powerful, tender story of romance, awareness and acceptance of consequences from one’s choices, desire, secrecy, gratitude, obsession and emotional manipulation versus real love.

When I Wake Up by Ana Paula Macedo is available at Amazon.com.