Through The Chauffeur’s Eyes by Jerome Leonard

New Book Allows Readers to See Life ‘Through the Chauffeur’s Eyes” Limousine driver Jerome Leonard shares wild, captivating work experiences San Francisco, CA.

Having spent 18 years working and over 1 million miles driven as a chauffeur, author Jerome Leonard, known as Kool has had his hefty share of odd and exciting experiences while on the job. In his book, “ Through the Chauffeur’s Eyes” (published by Xlibris), he shares a collection of real, shocking stories of what goes on in a limousine. This book depicts the unique, never-boring life of a limousine driver. Meeting and driving people from all over the world, Leonard describes his job as the ultimate experience. From limo brawls, drunk and high men and women, “sexcapades” after wine tours, outrageous bachelor and bachelorette parties, secret missions, celebrities like the Rolling Stones and top notch executives – Leonard has seen it all through his eyes throughout his career and shares the very best of it in this book. Hilarious and crazy. You have to read it to believe it.

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