Survive! Marooned on Planet Tau Ceti g by Charles P. Graham

In the twenty-third century, Earth’s scientists finally unlock the secret of faster than light travel, and humankind begins journeying to the stars. Unfortunately, the travel comes with perilous risks.

While exploring the galaxy and looking for habitable worlds for human colonization, the United Earth Space Force exploratory ship, Copernicus, is destroyed by an encounter with an unexpected meteor storm as it orbits a newly discovered planet twelve light years from Earth. Of the more than one hundred scientists and crew members aboard, only a few escape to the surface of Planet Tau Ceti g—one being Chris Elliott, a thirty-six-year-old xenobiologist who now must struggle to help himself and the other survivors to stay alive on an unfriendly, alien world. With dwindling resources and no communication with Earth to coordinate a rescue, the group is forced to battle hostile elements and creatures never before seen by humans. Now only time will tell if any of them will live long enough to see a rescue.

In this science fiction thriller, a young scientist leads the charge as he and the remaining crewmembers attempt to survive on an unwelcoming planet with nothing but ingenuity, perseverance, and hope.

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