Eye Of The Storm: How Mindful Leaders Can Transform Chaotic Workplaces by Ray Williams

Ray Williams is acknowledged as one of Canada’s pre-eminent executive coaches, professional speakers and thought leaders on leadership, workplace culture, personal well being and mindfulness. With Eye of the Storm, he presents his first book exploring in-depth the problems of a chaotic workplace and powerful leadership strategies to institute mindfulness practices into personal lives and organizations.
When we look for a thought leader we want someone who has leadership experience and research capacity. That’s why many have turned to Ray Williams’s numerous articles and interviews published in such prestigious publications such s the Washington Post, The Financial Post, The Huffington Post, and Psychology Today for his insights and knowledge.
With the advent of a global economy, technological innovation, automation, and economic restructuring caused by recessionary times, workplaces have become chaotic and stressful.

The result has been:

*  increased stress levels
*  workplace conflict and bullying
*  declining employee engagement
*  mental health issues
*  overall decline in worker well being

In Eye of the Storm, Ray Williams presents fa powerful low-cost leadership strategy to address these issues–mindfulness practices. These practices include leaders demonstrating a mindful leadership style and specific practical mindful practices that include not only opportunities for meditation, but also informal mindfulness activities. He shows how these practices can have a practical and measurable impact on increasing and sustaining a productive and happy workplace.
Eye of the Storm will be an indispensable book for HR practitioners, leaders, and employees wanting to make the workplace somewhere they will be productive and happy.

Eye Of The Storm: How Mindful Leaders Can Transform Chaotic Workplaces by Ray Williams is available at Amazon.com.