How God Works: Manifesting the Secret by Lance Abrims

The power of attraction and manifestation is the great topic of discussion around the world. And why wouldn’t it be? The explosion of interest in how we can transform our personal health, wealth, and woes is only outmatched by the desperate situation in which 90% of the world lives.

But with all of that interest, discussion, movies, books, and tweets about the power of attraction, what is desperately needed is a science view in diagram and instruction. A resource that maps the core mechanics of the universe and that which fuels the power of attraction, creation, and manifestation.

“How God Works: Manifesting the Secret” drills into the nuts and bolts of the mechanics of the power of attraction. You will discover that the pragmatic, user-friendly tools presented here will empower you to implement the secret in your own life at a core level.

What is very different about this book is that Lance Abrims zeroes in on one single moment in time – now – and how we manage it to release the next incidence of now to more clearly reflect our desires. It is not enough to just focus on what we want, we must learn how to make the micro-adjustments to our understanding of the science of now.

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