Radio Sphere by Devin terSteeg

If you can hear me then you must be alive. You’re alive, right? That’s good. Good. Good for me. There aren’t many of us left. The water is looking at me again.

The blue in the sky burnt away and now it’s all brown, everything is brown, past, present, and future. I don’t know what I’m going to do. If only Grandpa were here to help. I think I could get along better with a friend. You’ll be my friend, right? Just us, in this whole big world. We can do it together.

A wonderful and surprising novella, “Radio Sphere” reveals a shy, maladjusted girl into the leader she must become amidst the dying, surreal landscape of Earth modified by a deranged alien.

Two hundred years into a post-apocalyptic world, humanity struggles with diminished resources and shrinking ambitions. Radiation has poisoned minds as well as matter, and people are running out of the critical supplies of civilization.

Meanwhile, a mysterious alien race observes the ruins of humanity and tries to make sense of what it sees.

Like others of their generation, Elizabeth, resourceful and determined, and George, dreamy and kind, struggle to find meaning in the madness around them. Together they will leave the relative safety of Boston, seeking answers. Something has waited for 200 years to provide those answers. Will Elizabeth and George survive their journey into the forgotten past? Or are some questions better left unasked?

Blending humor, science, and philosophy, Radio Sphere is a unique and compelling journey into the nature of humanity, in the grand tradition of Vonnegut.

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  1. Looks great! Book Blog Tour covers so many great books, I'm happy to see mine here too. I'm going to check out a bunch of the others on here!


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