Ten Spices: for Health and Longevity by Valerie Lull

From Master Herbalist Valerie Lull, Author of Ten Healthy Teas:

Forget drugs and artificial chemicals. For thousands of years, people have been harnessing the natural power of spices to restore their minds and bodies.  With a new guide, Ten Spices for Health and Longevity, you can too.

In straightforward, easy to understand language, Ten Spices for Health and Longevity translates the latest science into healthful tips anyone can use.  Concentrating on the 10 most essential spices in our medical and culinary history, you’ll discover how these pantry staples can reduce inflammation, soothe digestive disorders, relieve arthritis, improve mood and memory, and even rejuvenate skin.  

For each of the 10 key spices, you’ll learn:

● The spice’s many medical and therapeutic benefits
● Side effects to watch out for
● Easy recipes for making the most of both flavor and health, including Potatoes with Rosemary, Rice with Lemon Thyme, Meatball Oregano Soup, and Pumpkin Cookies with Clove, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg
● Additional uses for spices in everything from baths to mouthwashes to insect repellant

And more!

You can have your health and eat well too.  Grab Ten Spices for Health and Longevity today, and start healing your body–the right way!

Ten Spices: for Health and Longevity by Valerie Lull is available at Amazon.com.