Dam Rodents: The Dam Situation (Volume 1) by Bruce Lee

Dam Rodents: The Dam Situation is the first book in a new series of hilarious sci-fi/fantasy novels starring a cast of quirky characters charged with saving the world from total destruction.

It all starts at the Suwanee High Institute of Technology (SHIT), where Richard Johnson, a.k.a. Prick, informs his lab partner, Skunky, that he’s given up on developing Richard’s Vitamin Extract. So Skunky leaves the condescending Prick to his fancy electromagnetism and continues working on the beverage.

Fast forward: Prick—now much older—has seen his life spiral downward. And with no help from his grossly incompetent lawyer, Becky, he’s sentenced to hard labor at the Suwanee Dam.

There, the contentious crew gathers: There’s Prick, arrogance fully intact, and the gerbil Peaty, who can’t get no respect. There’s also Becky and her fellow beaver friend, Janelle. Then Skunky, now the rich and famous inventor of Skunky Brew, appears, accompanied by the fierce female feline Kitty.

Believing he’s the chosen one, Prick issues his instructions. The gang is to retrieve six pieces of a meteorite that have scattered to different earthlike planets.

They’ll have to work together, or it’s mission impossible—and the end of the world forever!

Dam Rodents: The Dam Situation (Volume 1) by Bruce Lee  is available at Amazon.com.