How to Travel On the Cheap (…and Even For Free!): Turn Your Travel Dreams into Reality by Derek Ray

Life should be savored and joyfully experienced. Travel to exotic locales is often a key component in the dreams, wishes, and bucket lists of people. Travel can be exciting, intoxicating, and, yes, educational. But so many people today postpone travel due to financial pressures. Crushing student loan burdens and low paying jobs are dampening the dreams of adventure of millions. Yet there are loads of websites and resources available that make travel affordable and even free! Most people simply are not aware of the resources that are out there.Travel can be much less expensive than you might think. Those who are aware of many of the options that are available tend to find them overwhelming. This book compiles and organizes many of these websites and strategies together into a user-friendly guide to make travel affordable.

Strategies outlined include couchsurfing, travel hacking, niche accommodations, targeted locations, saving and budgeting techniques, and much more. The book also includes additional obscure and little known strategies that can save thousands on travel costs.

The character-building and health benefits of travel are outlined along with several saving and budgeting strategies. Strategies to minimize airfare costs and secure free flights are discussed. Strategies to locate low cost and even free accommodations are presented. A variety of short- term work and volunteer opportunities are discussed in specificity. The aspiring traveler will be hard pressed not to find information that can result in substantial savings. This resource can be a valuable aide in helping you achieve your travel dreams and goals. So get your bucket list out and pack your bags. It’s time to see the world!

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