indivineur – Opportunity Accelerator: Start a low risk business TODAY, using what you have NOW by Willem Gous


You CAN start a business TODAY, using what you have NOW

What is indivineur?

Indivineur is a new, tried and tested approach, to start a business or innovate an existing business. It focuses on individuals, using what YOU have now and combining it with co-creational thinking. Minimizing risk, maximizing opportunity. Opportunity is within you, all around you. You learn how create and innovate new business ideas in a very short space of time. You learn to only risk what you are prepared to lose, avoiding big entrepreneur pitfalls. You learn to make data driven decisions for a higher probability of business success instead of letting your emotions guide you.

Need a new business idea?

Indivineur is an opportunity accelerator.

Indivineur helps you discover the hidden business opportunities within you as an individual and your current circumstances. I show you how to discover and unlock all the hidden opportunities within your life and circumstances and start a business around that. In a recent workshop 9 people created 36 business ideas in a matter of hours.

Start a business that sells

Too many people start a business only based upon what they can do resulting in building a business that does not sell. Indivineur helps you to create a business based upon people willing to buy your product or service. The proof of your business success lies in their willingness to pay and I will show you how to do just that.

No money to start a business?

I have been there too. No cash or you are just in a tight spot. Do not worry, that is not a problem. I show you how you can start a low risk business today even in those circumstances. Simply by using what you have now you can start a new business.

Indivineurship shows you how to leverage knowledge of self and your resources to multiply your business opportunities through co-creation. I will show you the immense opportunity hidden within working and creating new business ideas with suppliers, customers and your networks. Opportunity is all around you, you just need to see it, I will show you how.

Why risk it all on one idea?

Indivineurship creates multiple business ideas in a matter of hours using what you already have and mixing that into a co-creational environment. Because you use what you already have you risk only that which you are prepared to lose. Making it very low risk. It gets even better; having multiple business ideas that you can execute at the same time increases your chances of finding a successful business idea that can be turned into a viable business quickly, with little risk.

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