SURPLES by Axi Stark

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The year is 2095 and Kate Blake’s life is divided in two: Before, and after.

Before, she lost her best friend and the one she loved, Cale, and after the tragedy, she found love again.

One day she realizes that her life is nothing but an illusion; an existence of which she was unaware of. Not only is her life divided into two parts, but her world is as well.

There are “real people” and then there are “surples”- a new, perfect race populating the planet. Their inventor is a crazy-minded genius and idealist who seeks the secret of immortality. He hid inside Kate the perfect gene which allows him to control all the inhabitants on the earth by firing specific electrical impulses produced by the brain.

He builds and controls her life in such a way that it allows him to trigger this supernatural potential. Now she is the most dangerous and deadly creature on the face of the planet with supernatural powers!

The only true thing in her life that keeps her sane is her love for Marcus. Not only is he her safe harbor, he is her anchor.

Is it possible to love between human and surple? Will they be able to deal with the world, or the world will destroy them?

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