Book Review: Paint it Black by Rom Werran Gayoso

Paint it Black was unexpectedly thoughtful and intriguing. The author emphasized exercises that focus on problem solving and decision making. Due to its context, I think this book falls somewhere between Personal and Professional Development, which is perfect (Kill two birds with one stone, right?). The book is laid out in the form of different stories that each illustrate different challenges in our lives. For example, my favorite story, “Where to live” follows a person who is in the midst of deciding where to live. But the decision is more problematic than originally thought because each place the person could move to is drastically different than the last. To me this story says something about how moving to a different place, even in your current state, can change your life forever. But the story ultimately goes deeper than that. I guess, you have to read the book yourself because the author wants you to participate in a self-reflection exercise that I just can’t explain in my own words.

Overall, this book is not a feel-good type of book, although it sure helped me feel better. It is analytical, self-reflection book, presented in a very appealing format with excellent writing.

Review by Vlad Vagner