Travesty Of Justice by Heather Butler

This deeply moving romance, drama, is full of exciting twist and turns, that will make you laugh and cry, pull at your heart strings, and keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page.

Samuel a black African medical doctor, and Nicole a beautiful white Nova Scotian woman, meet in Halifax, in a small university town in Nova Scotia. Samuel is intrigued by Nicole, and soon finds, that she has a mystical insight, like no one he has ever met before. As Nicole and Samuel’s love grows, they soon realize, that powerful obstacles are standing in their way. Living in a place that has been torn by racial tension for years, they struggle to gain access to Samuel’s medical profession.

They battle against all odds, as they stand by each other, and fight for equal opportunity. They uncover a conspiracy that will nearly destroy their lives. It is then that Samuel realizes he is out of time, and the secret that he has buried from Nicole for years, can no longer be hidden. Two hearts now hang in the balance, will it all be lost forever?

This compelling and passionate story, will hold your interest, and leave you wanting more!
Travesty of Justice is inspired by a true story.

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