The Awakening Moment: New Beginnings by Aurora Wilson

The Awakening Moment is a book that will awaken you to the life you were born to live. This book and journal is for all who are striving to live their purpose filled life. Through these pages you will heal, overcome and experience a breakthrough on a new level to experience something that you have been waiting for, happiness. When you awaken not only will happiness follow you; a new person and new possibilities will emerge. Possibilities that your visions manifest, advance your career, own a business, travel, build healthy relationship and mostly importantly live authentic and walk in confident. Once you awaken you are not merely alive, but are awakened to a life that you were never aware existed in the past.

At the end of chapters you will find Self-Reflection Questions and Answers for you to complete. These will help you evaluate your thoughts and actions to determine areas of growth. Take the time to answer these questions thoughtfully. Be truthful and honest with yourself. It is time to awaken to the life you were born to live and live your truth.

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