The No-Way-Back Society by Niky’s Icone

The fact that our lives somehow evolve around work, the traffic, the television, our mobile phones, the internet and social media shouldn’t license them to dictate how we should live our lives. Doesn’t it feel odd that instead of creating our own place in the Society, the Society dictates how we should live the perfect life as victims of the no-way-back society rules… This book will open your eyes about your stand in the society. Are you a brave innovator who goes against the tides or a mere ‘follower’? The No-Way-Back Society will make grasp on how the environment has molded us into the individuals we have become, without us noticing it. Is this really us or what the society has asked us to become – because we have to! In this jungle of high technology modern living we are in, it is clear that like animals, the weak are expected to follow or fall while the opportunists, leaders, innovators, ‘the Forbes Intruders’ ,those who crave for change – the brave individuals who are not afraid will emerge in this modern battle I call “The No-Way-Back Society”.

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