Windows 10: User Guide by Alex Benjamin

If you are curious about Windows 10, or just downloaded and feel a bit lost, this is the best resource for you!

In this book, you will learn about ….

• The new features in Windows 10, including system requirements
• Become familiar with the new Start Menu and learn how to customize it to meet your needs
Learn about Cortana, the artificially intelligent virtual assistant, and become familiar with what she can do
• Get a close look at the new Edge browser with its Reading view and Web Note capability
• See how the Action Center has been improved and how it can help you
• Learn about the new Phone Companion app that helps connect your system with a Windows, Android, or iPhone
• Navigate the Windows Settings
• Become informed on privacy concerns about Windows 10 and learn what settings to adjust to maximize your sense of privacy
and so on

Windows 10: User Guide by Alex Benjamin is available at