BLEAK TIMES – Book 1 of Wastelands by Jason Mayne

Jocelyn Jacobson lives a life most men could only dream of having. In a post-apocalyptic world, what once was ordinary becomes extraordinary, leaving Jocelyn with powers beyond comprehension.

When his abilities cure a man who could not be cured by traditional medicine, a gift is bestowed upon him, but that spectacular gift comes with dark secrets that will soon wreak havoc on Jocelyn’s life and those who come into contact with him.

Soon his seemingly simple existence is turned upside down and he is catapulted into an international spotlight. Destroying that which now plagues his life will be no easy feat, especially with a powerful wizard in control of all that happens.

Putting an end to the gift’s rein seems impossible, but giving up is not an option.

This fantastical, triumphant journey through despair, devastation, love and loss will captivate your imagination and will speak to the power of perseverance and the human spirit.

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