Raspberry Pi 2: Users Manual by Alex Benjamin


This book will get you up and running with your RP2 right out of the box. Here is some of the information you will find here:

• What is the Raspberry Pi 2? What makes it special?
• I know nothing about programming. Can you get me started?
• What operating system should I install if I am a beginner?
• How do I access the software?
• How do I connect to the internet?
• What are some examples of unusual projects that people have been able to do with the Raspberry Pi?
• I have a Raspberry Pi, but what else do I need? Do I need a monitor and keyboard? What about WiFi? Does it have enough power? Can I plug four USB devices in it and it still work properly?
• I want to build my own circuits. What should I get? Are kits good investments for beginners?
• What is GPIO and what does it mean to me as a Raspberry Pi enthusiast?
• What are these languages I see – Python? Mathematica? Sonic Pi?
• Is it true that I can use the Raspberry Pi 2 as a home audio controller or a media center?
• What’s this I hear about Minecraft on the RP2?
• How can I use Mathematica or Python to control the GPIO?
• How can I set up my RP2 to work with apps on my smartphone?
• How do I watch videos on my RP2?
• I don’t know where my file went! How is the RP2 file system structured?
• What are some really good online resources as I continue my journey?

The answers to all these questions are here! Ready to go?

Raspberry Pi 2: Users Manual by Alex Benjamin is available at Amazon.com.