How to Shield: A Psionic Social Club Book by Rainsong Taurandira

You might be wondering why you’d want to know how to Shield. Or even what “Psionic Shielding” is. Psionic Shielding refers to the use of psionics to protect yourself or something/someone else, often by using some kind of “energy” construct. The protection in question can be against being overwhelmed by other people’s emotions, or against paintballs, or other more intresting things. Sometimes Shielding is used for practical jokes, too.  What’s meant by “psionics”? That’s the use of intention, attention, the mind, and/or psi-stuff to do stuff. If you also have an interest in magic, you’ll probably notice that some of the defensive methods overlap a bit.

Or maybe you’ve grown bored with the White Light Shield you learned when you were just starting out? Try out some new ones, and have fun doing it.

This ebook is the fourth in a series of short instructional ebooks, in the snarky style of the Psionic Social Club.

Why would you want to bother with Shielding?
Quick review of Constructs
A baker’s dozen or so structural types of elementary Shields
And a baker’s dozen common programmes
Shield maintenance
Taking this Shield stuff a little further
Other forms of psychic and psionic defense
Not being stupid

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