The Mantra’s Rules Book – The way to get what you want in life by The Team Ideal Mantra

Chanting your way to health, prosperity, and inner peace, is nothing new.  Entire cultures have been utilizing Mantras for centuries to unlock cosmic energies, and religions of all faiths, utter some form of Mantra in their worship and prayers.  Our intent in providing this detailed guide is to explain and expound on the rules governing Mantras: their usage and the relative do’s and don’ts of successful Mantra chanting.

If you have a desire, a worthy goal in your life, please be aware there is a specific Mantra for that purpose.  Understanding the many different Mantras, and how to incorporate them into your daily life, is key to successful spiritual enlightenment.  This book of rules and regulations is very specific, and to be blessed to the utmost potential of your Mantra experience, you must follow each rule without fail.

The Mantra’s Rules Book includes the following:
– Guidelines for Gurus and Masters
– Lifestyle principles for strict adherence
– Prohibited items that must be avoided during Mantra
– Common mistakes to avoid
– Mantra Japa for Hindus
– Blessings and benefits derived from Mantra practice and worship
– Introduction to specific Mantras and where to locate them
– And much more…

A successful commitment to the art of Mantra usage requires patience, resolve, and a passion to reap spiritual rewards.  Please take a moment to download this introductory book and tap into the powers that lie just beyond your fingertips.  Unleash the energies that will lift your soul and heal your heart.  Begin your journey today.

NOTE: For a comprehensive overview of Mantras and their divine powers, we recommend The Ancient 51: A Complete Guide to Mantras and How They Will Benefit Your Life.

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