The Magic Chest Dancing Til Dusk by D.G. Thomas


On a hot lazy summer day in John’s Island, South Carolina, 7 year old Ethan and his 9 year old sister Jessie play outside to pass the time away. They decide to go back to the attic and take another look inside of the magic chest to satisfy their curiosity. When Ethan takes a brass trumpet out of the chest and begins to play the instrument, the attic fills with the sight of music notes, bright lights and the sound of classical music that became louder and louder until Ethan and Jessie were overcome by the bright lights and loud music. Suddenly, the children are encircled and taken away by the sands of time and in an instant they disappear completely from the attic.

Travel through time and space on an adventure to a stage show in the 50’s with Jessie and Ethan. They’ll learn some new music and dance moves with an extraordinarily talented and bold new friend as they learn the mystery behind the brass trumpet in book two of The Magic Chest Book Series: Dancing til’ Dusk.

The Magic Chest Dancing Til Dusk by D.G. Thomas is available at Amazon.