Money Sense by Gregory Bresiger

Can’t save for retirement or college or that house or a secure retirement? MoneySense has many answers for you, Mr. and Mrs. Average Person. You work hard, pay taxes and other bills and, at the end of the year, what do you have in financial or other assets? Nothing or close to it. You worry about yourself and your family. “What will I have 20 years from now? Or 30 years from now, when I probably won’t be able to work, or maybe just won’t want to work?” MoneySense is for you. Gregory Bresiger, a personal financial journalist who grew up in the Bronx, understands these problems. That’s because he has lived them. His warning to people who think the attack on their wealth is not a problem, that one can always make more money next year and the next year and live “large,” is stark: Great incomes are almost always under attack. And wealth shouldn’t be measured by how much you make, but how you manage whatever you have, large or small. The MoneySense person knows that, “It’s not how much you make. It’s how much you keep.”

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