For This Reason He Came by Rolando M. Gayo

The hardest part of being a Christian is not knowing who you are in Christ and the purpose God has called you to be. For This Reason He Came aims to teach you that the only way to win is to live and walk in righteousness. This book will provide a detailed, true understanding of what we are missing as a church, as a chosen generation. Author, Pastor and Musician Rolando Gayo has parlayed his love of worship and teachings into a book that will resonate with all Christians, looking to have a deeper understanding and a deeper relationship with God. Speaking to the Jesus Generation, Pastor Gayo shows us that out of Jesus comes a generation that can and will fulfill the will, purpose, desire and longing of God on Earth.

For This Reason He Came by Rolando M. Gayo available on Amazon in paperback and ebook.