Watching The Principalities (Watching The Principalities Book 1) by William Songy

Watching Principalities



In the deep-south down in the city of New Orleans there is an epic battle between good and evil. Amy McIntyre, a victim of human trafficking and forced prostitution, fears for her life as she desperately searches for a way to break free.

Dawn McIntyre, Amy’s older sister, is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and staunch atheist. She has turned from helping Amy for the sake of preventing unwanted media attention and potential national embarrassment stemming from her sister.

Marcus Dillon is an accomplished singer/songwriter of Christian music and sets out to evangelize Dawn. She hates Marcus and brutally rejects his attempts to witness to her. She is zealous about her hatred for Marcus and the Christian faith.

Dawn openly challenges God. He answers and opens her eyes to the spiritual realm where angels and demons battle over the hearts and souls of man. Desperate to understand the things she is experiencing, she has no choice but to turn to Marcus for help. Little do they know that God is about to send them on an incredible journey into the world of the supernatural.

Can they get to Amy in time to save her?


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