The Pilgrims’ Bounty by Ken Bloomfield

Historical Mystery, Romantic Adventure

A tale of War, Passion, Treachery, Violence, Friendship and Love. The Mystery and Pursuit of The Romanov Cross. A contradictatory genre, being a historical/contemporary Novel moving across several era’s. Packed with fast paced action and intrigue. From the time of original Romanov Tsar, to the days of the Pilgrim Fathers and onward, an Ancient Artifact affects the lives of all those who come in to contact with it from the 17th to the 21st Century. The background is based on actual events and the characters involved are chronicled from the days of the Tsar, through the time of the dissenters of the Church of England in the 1600s, until the present day. Now, working from an unchanged Dickensian office in Regent Street London UK, an unlikely pairing of an ex -Military Intelligence officer and a Professor of History pursue the Artifact to modern day Moscow where the Russian Government and the Mafia take an interest. Will the government’s agent, the beautiful Ivana, help or hinder Dick Brady and his partner in thier quest?

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