There Will Be No Wedding by Gerald Hartenhoff

With her marriage to Doyle Stone less than twenty-four hours away, Olive Boyd has to follow her instincts and let him go. After having witnessed his dark side, the last thing Olive wants is to spend the rest of her days with this man, but Doyle isn’t about to let her walk away that easily.

Knowing that leaving him will result in dire consequences, Olive seeks refuge with the one man her mother claims can keep her safe, Zeke Whitmore.

Unfortunately for Olive, Zeke Whitmore is not the vibrant and healthy man her mother remembers him to be. His health is failing fast.

When Doyle’s men track Olive down, Zeke must gather what little strength he has left to protect her, but will it be enough to thwart the determination of a sadistic madman bent on getting Olive back by any means necessary?

Western romance

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