The Olive Picker by Kathryn Brettell

THE OLIVE PICKERis the story of a step kid who grew up with all the confidence of a road flattened squirrel.  Not that being a step is always bad; some steps are treated beautifully.  Kathi?  Not so much.  But not the worst either.  Kathi wasn’t tossed in a closet, or pimped out to idiots, or raised by drug dealers.  She just wasn’t well liked and apart from the child support payments from her real dad, she was seen as pretty much useless.  But that’s not the focus of this story.  Her childhood certainly played a part so it had to be included, but the main story is how Kathi grew up socially retarded.  She makes bad choice after bad choice, all the while struggling to be the person she was sure existed somewhere.  And that somewhere was definitely not Texas.  Damn.  What’s a girl supposed to do?  A plan would have helped, but Kathi had basically just let life drag her along in its wake, until she got things so screwed up, it nearly cost her life. 
That’s when everything changed. 
THE OLIVE PICKERis a true story, written in a deceptively humorous manner, chronicling some harrowing moments in a stoically, upbeat voice.   Available in paperback through,, Goodreads, Kindle Direct, and soon to be released in all major bookstores.  

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