The Fluffs Present the Alphabet by Rafika C. Soaries

An excitingly delightful and colorful journey to learning the alphabet as taught by The Fluffs. The Fluffs are here to teach the alphabet and all about life on Cloud Cumulus as they were taught by their elders. They live on Cloud Cumulus and are caretakers of the water flow on the big blue ball (Planet Earth). When Fluffs are born they are bright yellow, as the age they get paler and paler until they are white. That’s why we have clouds in the sky because they are ancestor Fluffs. The Fluffs want everyone to be good readers and have fun learning. Each member of the Fluff family takes your child through each letter of the alphabet and teaches them the primary colors, site words and sentence fluency. Learning the ABCs with the Fluffs, its more than fun, it’s imagination at work!

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