About Secrets by Author Roberto Cabral

About Secrets by Author Roberto Cabral 

Georgia left behind love, family, and a possible happy life to pursue her dreams: being an actress in Los Angeles. But after five years, her father’s death changed her perspectives.

She was about to give up on her dreams when Jerry came to her life. He occupied all empty spaces in her life. He fertilized the seeds of her dreams and made them blossom. He protected her from troubles and vultures; he loved her. They had a good time together, but soon she learned that being loved wasn’t enough. She needed to be able to love too.

For 5 years, she hid from Jerry her desire to go back to her hometown, to her nest, to her love, and to her baby. One day she reached her limit and decided to open her heart, but Jerry also had a secret, and it would cause a big change in Georgia’s plans.

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