32 Inspirations From Song Titles by George McQueen

32 Inspirations from Song Titles by George McQueen

We all want to live a purposeful and exceptional life, but not all of us appreciate that we can find answers simply through looking at life through the prism of real life experiences.

Useful as they can be, you don’t necessarily have to seek out ‘your truth’ via mystical gurus or ancient sages. Don’t be fooled into thinking that finding meaning in your life has to be highbrow or complex. Insights can come from absolutely anywhere, and whatever works, works.

So the game is to find the right day-to-day triggers and insights to foster the habits and motivations to take you to the next level – to get you thinking, feeling, acting differently. With this in mind, and with the help of popular song titles and silly anecdotes by the author, this book is a lighter take on how you can find your own inspirations in life.

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