Picking up the Pieces by Author Wendy Dewar Hughes

Picking up the Pieces
 by Author Wendy Dewar Hughes 

Jill Moss is still pulling her life back together after her husband’s death when she is shocked to receive a message that her uncle, famed archaeologist Neil Bryant, has disappeared. Neil’s discovery, a ring of sixteen stones inscribed with three different ancient languages, threatens to turn conventional wisdom about New World exploration on its head. And there is someone who will stop at nothing to get them.

To protect the Mayan treasure, Neil calls on Jill Moss to collect the artifacts.

As she attempts to stay one step ahead of her pursuers, the secrets of the stones are gradually revealed. Jill’s encounters with the world’s foremost authorities on ancient cultures ignites her passion for the mission as she learns that the stones hold the key to age-old secrets. Jill soon discovers that she and her uncle are caught up in a much bigger drama than either of them ever dreamed.

Always in the shadows is the mysterious Spaniard, Marco Alejandro Ibarra de Jimenez, who makes her wounded heart come to life again. The only problem is, whose side is he on?

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