The Angel Brings Fire Series by Marcus Shields

The Angel Brings Fire Series
 by Author Marcus Shields

Introducing The Angel Brings Fire, an exciting NEW 4-volume series of modern fantasy / superhero novels which tell the story of “Karéin-Mayréij” — a mighty alien being who may or may not be Earth’s only hope against total annihilation.

Moreover… the unique gift of the “Holy Fire” that she brings, will forever change the course of human history!

Just one other thing… when first you pick up a copy of The Angel Brings Fire, please make sure you don’t have a lot to do, for the rest of that day!

For more information, please check out the book’s Website, which is at :

The Angel Brings Fire Series by Marcus Shields is available at Amazon and Google Books … as well as from a number of other on-line suppliers including iTunes and Lulu.