Sideways: The Sideways Series Book 1 by Author Annie Carlisle

Sideways: The Sideways Series Book 1
 by Author Annie Carlisle 

Olivia Prescott has everything…a beautiful home, a thriving company with her two best friends, a challenging career at the fire department, family and friends she loves, and then there’s Brownie, her beloved dog and best friend. She has everything…at least she did before the night she was attacked.  Now she’s trying to pick up the pieces of her life so she can move on, but there’s someone out there  determined to keep her from the happiness she deserves and a man with dark, soulful eyes that keeps trying to get involved in her life. Is she ready for something more with him, or is she not ready for the complications of a relationship?

Gabriel Hughes is the CEO of his father’s security company that handles all types of dangerous situations around the world. He works long hours and he socializes only when he absolutely has to, but what he doesn’t expect are the dangers in his own life. Coming home from a long mission in Syria, Gabriel finds himself face to face with the one person in the world that can take on his millionaire attitude and put him in his place…but does he want to get involved with a woman who keeps trying to push him away and has a whole host of problems herself?

Will these two find the happiness they deserve with each other or will the dangers in their life collide and eliminate any chance they have?

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