Interview with Janice Kingsbury, Author Chihuahuas Like Cheese

Reading and Writing Addiction was able to catch up with Janice Kingsbury, Author Chihuahuas Like Cheese. We are excited to share this insightful interview today with our readers.

Janice, please tell us about your latest book.

My dogs are often the characters that tell stories.  Bogie, the Chihuahua, feels and acts like a big dog.  But even though he acts like a big dog, he’s starting to feel that he often doesn’t get his fair share of things.  One of the bigger dogs always gets there first.  What bothers

Author Janice Kingsbury

him most is he is the last dog to get cheese, his favorite thing in the whole world.  One day, while vacationing in Duck, North Carolina, a series of events occurs that will change Bogie’s life and way of thinking forever.

Where did the idea come from to write this story?

The idea for Chihuahuas Like Cheese came from my Chihuahua, Bogie.  Bogie is an adorable little dog with a big attitude.  I give my dogs treats and often it’s cheese.  Bogie loves cheese, but has to compete with the other dogs to get his fair share.  He’s so small it’s difficult for him.  Whenever Bogie is frustrated, he grinds his teeth and shows us his crooked mouth.  While doing this he dances around on his hind legs and his entire body wiggles.  All of this part is true.  

Can you give us an insight into your main character.  Why is he/she such an important part of the story?

Bogie, the Chihuahua, is the smallest dog in real life, and he struggles to be a big guy and compete with the other dogs.  Humans often feel similar.  They feel like the small guy competing against others.  Sometimes they are and other times, our way of thinking and our priorities make us the small guy and the little cheese.  Sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we are.  Bogie represents these ideas in the book.

Where does the story take place and why did you choose this setting for the novel?

The story takes place in Duck, North Carolina.  We all love the Outer Banks and spend a lot of time there.  Now we live there part of the time.  I am also most creative there.  The picture of the house across the street is my neighbor’s house.

What was the hardest thing about writing this book?

I think the hardest part was pulling all the illustrations and other services together to represent what I had in mind.  It’s my baby and I care the most that it is good and people will like it.  I’m very particular and want it to be perfect.

Is this book a part of a series?

I’m not sure yet.  My last book, Lexi Goes on Vacation to the Outer Banks, was about one of my dogs.  I could see it developing in to a series in which one of my dogs represents a story.  Now, I’m playing it by ear, waiting for feedback from my readers to determine if I should do more of the same.  I would like to do that, as it’s so easy for me to write this way and put my heart into the story.

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