Revelation: The Eternal Series Book One by Author Myles Gorospe

The first book in a three part series, Revelation follows the story of David and Zachary, a father and son suffering from a recent loss while in the midst of a world changing event of biblical proportions. The world faces its ultimate choice, and a handful of people race to protect the one person that can bring about eternal peace or eternal fire. As the heavens open and hell is unleashed, the world prepares for something it has never seen before, or will again. As David and Zachary become part of a holy war that engulfs the entire world, they each learn that their role in it was no accident. Aided by a secret organization and new found allies, David learns of a shattering secret about a loved one and Zachary finds out his true destiny. Accepting the truth about themselves, it propels them from one continent to another in order to protect each other and find the faith within each other to fight for the fate of the world.

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