Self-Confidence – The Martial Arts Way by Author Master Paul Mitchell

Self-Confidence – The Martial Arts Way
by Author Master Paul Mitchell

Every parent wants the best for their child. For some it’s material things, for others it’s more ‘mindful’ gifts like self-confidence, self-control and inner strength. If those internal strengths are what you want for your child, Self-Confidence – The Martial Arts Way is a book you need to read. Martial arts isn’t about learning to fight; it’s about internal strength with the backup of being able to defend yourself if required.  

500,000 children bullied every week 

Over half a million children are bullied each week in Australia. So how do you protect your child? After all, you can’t be there – and nor should you – every moment of the day. How do you support your child and offer them a peaceful solution to a better life?  Imagine if you could send your child to school happy in the knowledge that they will receive a great education, meet new friends and develop the confidence to be successful in life. Now wouldn’t that be refreshing! The inner strength to achieve those ideals doesn’t only come from martial arts – many children have it already. But what of the children who don’t? 

Self-confidence is a gift for your child 

A child’s inability to stand up to bullies is generally based on fear for their personal safety. I know that children must confront the bullies and would like nothing more than to stand up to them. But they don’t act because of fear of physical harm that backs the bullies’ actions. I know this because I have witnessed bullying for over 40 years. 

Self-Confidence – The Martial Arts Way is the first book that gives you a clear understanding of why martial arts will change the way your child is treated.  If we could take a brand new student into the future and show them how a black belt has enhanced their life, they would never miss a class.  I have been that student and even though every day it is a challenge to stand up against bullying in all its forms, martial arts has changed my life and it will change your child’s life too.  

Don’t wait until it is too late. Read Self-Confidence – The Martial Arts Way, and understand the lifetime of advantages Martial Arts gives your child. With the book’s help you’ll understand the best approach for your child and ultimately, give your child the gift of confidence; a gift for life.

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