Skinny Codes: Easy and Permanent Weight Loss By Author Amy Belisle

Skinny Codes: Easy and Permanent
 Weight Loss, by Author Amy Belisle

What does your skinny friend know that you don’t? Are you tired of being the fat one? You just look at a piece of cake and gain 10 pounds? No fair, you don’t eat that much. Your right!

The Skinny Codes are a set of instructions you give to your body. You send the instructions by the food choices you make everyday. Just like a computer programmer gives a specific set of codes to run a program, your body has the same power. The power to stay skinny once and for all. Use this code and unlock your skinny body once and for all.

The set of codes in this book are easy to follow and are permanent. No crazy exercising. No weird pre-packaged foods you have to buy.

​If you want to burn the fat quickly and as effortlessly as possible then this book is for you!

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