Book Excerpt: The Waist Management System – by Dr Peter Windross

This is the Waist Management System. It is a system to help manage and control your

waist. Many of us feel that we are out of control and it is all a bit of a mystery why stuff happens. Many of us don’t understand why we think and do the things we do. It seems mysterious how waistline control is so difficult to achieve.

I will show you a straightforward system that you can use for the rest of your life. We will explore why your body and brain work the way they do. The way they interact to produce weight loss and weight gain. We will find out the best ways to lose and control weight.

Putting on weight is not your fault. It is human nature. It is in our genes.
We will see how putting on weight is a fault of our biology and the world we live in today. Using this knowledge we will see how to beat the system and to regain control of your waist. You will discover how to control your body, its urges, signals and drives, rather than having them control you. No one likes to feel out of control.
Feel free to cut to the tips in the nudges section. Use its action lists to get started. Understanding how it all fits together will help. After reading the main section to learn what makes us think, behave and act the way we do around food, the rest of it will seem easier. It begins to fall into place and all starts to make sense.
Managing your waist is about using and responding to your body intelligently.

Fuel your body well and it will look after you for many long years to come.
There are no hard and fast rules here. You are a complex biological organism made up of thousands of complex interacting systems. The interplay of these systems follows predictable patterns. These patterns will emerge throughout this book. Understanding how the body, mind and spirit work together will help you to make better choices. These better choices will help move you each and every day towards your goals.
We are all unique even though we are complex biological systems which function identically. We have our own personalities and operate slightly differently to everyone else on the planet. Although we sometimes seem to behave quite differently there are patterns which can help all of us.
Happily we are all descended from the same ancestors. Our bodies and minds have evolved over many thousands of years, shaped by the same environmental conditions. These selection pressures in survival situations are shared in our DNA. You and I share 99.9% of our genetic blueprint.
Because we are so similar, science can shows us how we are the way we are. Science shows us how we think, behave and do the things we do. The secrets of our body, mind and spirit are no longer a mystery.

Waist Management is all about managing your waist. This is very manageable. I will show you how.

If you become lost while reading this, do not panic. You don’t have to understand everything in this book. It makes more sense the second time around. It’s even ok if you don’t find the detail interesting. Feel free to just use the checklists or even simply follow the diary. These will simply work just by following them. I’ve put all the rest of it in to help you to apply the best techniques that modern medicine and modern psychology have to offer. I find the details and the reasons behind what makes us tick absolutely fascinating. I hope you will too.

Author bio:

Dr Peter Windross lives and works in the South of the UK near the New Forest. A General Practitioner for over ten years, he has a special interest in weight management. He reads more about running in his spare time than is good for him. He is often told that he should get out more, though he obviously thinks that means on the trails.

He’s not a very good runner. What he lacks in style, grace and speed he tries to make up for in terrible jokes and enthusiasm. He enjoys trail running and racing. Anything from 5k to multi-day ultra-marathons.

He enjoys writing books about how to do stuff a little better. He is no expert and has made more mistakes than most. He is thus well qualified on really how not to do things ‘this way’.

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