Book Spotlight: Manifest Change: Stop Wanting, Start Having by Erica Glessing

In Manifest Change: Stop Wanting, Start Having inspirational authors from around the globe bring inspiration and practical tools to change your life, now. Experience more joy, happiness, gratitude and financial abundance. Step into transformation with the assistance of 19 fabulous authors from around the globe

“I picked up Manifest Change on a whim and am really, really glad I did. Scanning the chapter titles, I immediately dived into Chapter 12, which talks about an “inner makeover” for living a balanced and joyful life. Being a mom and businesswoman, juggling many hats on a good day, I felt compelled towards this chapter which promised to help me uncover a way of being better at finding balance. I wasn’t disappointed. The author, Heather Finley, delivered a beautifully written and inspiring chapter that eloquently uncovered a simple scripting tool to reset my inner success dialogue. I read it quickly and will go back and digest it more thoroughly in the days and weeks to come, implementing the steps outlined. The author expertly unravels many of the trappings of our own mentality and displays them in ways that inspired me to surmount the barriers I’ve created for myself.

The best part about this book is that after reading Chapter 12, I still have the rest of the book to nibble at and mull over! I look forward to the positive changes in my life and career that I see coming my way as a result of this book. Thank you for leaving me refreshed, inspired and motivated!” M.L. Amazon Reviews

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