Book Spotlight: The Pale Hand of God (The Paruus Histories Series Book 1) by S.M. White

“All Ages have a living darkness. In some, it is long buried. In others, it thrives. And then there is the darkness no one sees, the patient darkness that reveals itself only when all light fails.” 

In an Age of fallen heroes, stolen princesses, and a city prison, the world balances upon the blades of haunted men. 

Behind the walls of the clergy-controlled prison city of Iban Su, Lainn Sevai endures. But after losing his father and brother, Lainn finds the determination to seek freedom, following in the footsteps of the man whose iron tutelage molded him into one of the fiercest warriors Iban Su has ever known. In the process he discovers his father’s terrible secret, and uncovers the thousand year mystery as to why the prophesied End of Days never came to the world. And in that sets in motion a terrible future. 

With all the edge and grit of a Gemmell novel, “The Pale Hand of God” is the first half of a series that will determine the fate of a world fallen to cowardice and indolence. Heroes will topple, and villains will ascend. Light will fade, and shadows prevail. This is a tale of violence and peace, of love and hatred, and of how one man’s fight to save his soul could very well damn all humanity.

I’m a sucker for engrossing, well-written, escape fantasy. Though I’d not read anything from S.M. White prior to picking up this book, I have to say that I was exceedingly impressed by this author and his knack for taking ordinary engrossing reading and turning into something so intensely captivating that I, admittedly, cancelled bathroom breaks to stay a bit longer in the world he created. I loved getting to know the original and textured character Laiin. I can’t say I’ve gotten to know a character on the page quite as well as this one, which is attributable to the author’s exquisite attention to detailed painting of Laiin. This book has it all – an incredible cast of characters, fantasy, a rich plot and page-turner appeal. I give this refreshingly unique book an unabashed 5 stars. — ML, Amazon

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